Tesla Wall Connector certified installer, Midlands


As a Tesla Certified Energy Installer we are able to supply & install Wall Connectors for charging Tesla Motor Cars.

For more information on these & other Electric Vehicle charging points for both residential & commercial applications call 01789 262411.

Solar PV Upgrades or Replacement Inverters


There are many Solar PV systems that are coming up for 5 years old that were installed at the early high FiT rates. Those systems’ inverters are nearing the end of their warranty & some are beginning to fail. 

The obvious option is to replace the  inverter with another string inverter, however we recommend installing a SolarEdge Inverter with Power Optimisers as this will provide the following benefits:

  • Increase in Revenue – SolarEdge Power Optimiser technology has been tested & proven to increase generation.
  • Live Monitoring – Access to individual panel monitoring via your computer, tablet or phone allowing full visibility of the performance of your system including Solar generation, energy consumption & export data.
  • 20 Year Warranty – SolarEdge Inverters come with a 12 year warranty as standard but as part of the upgrade we extend it to 20 years and SolarEdge Power Optimisers come with a 25 year warranty. 
  • Future Proof – along with our 10 year workmanship warranty, the core item of the system is guaranteed for the rest of the FiT scheme.
  • Battery Ready – with the addition of  SolarEdge’s StorEdge interface the system can be further enhanced with the ability to add a TESLA PowerWall. 
  • Firefighter Safety – SolarEdge is one of the very few inverter technologies that have been passed as Firefighter safe.
  • Panels – as part of the upgrade whilst adding the optimisers, the panels will be cleaned & all connections checked
  • Full Health Check – we will also check all electrical wiring & isolators. 

Stratford Energy Solutions are both SolarEdge & Tesla certified so even if your system appears to be working let us upgrade it & start increasing your revenue from your Feed-In Tariff.

For more information on SolarEdge click here & to see the StorEdge & Tesla system working click here

Call us now to discuss your upgrade Tel: 01789 262411.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Although Solar PV systems are extremely reliable they still require maintenance. Residential or commercial systems are no different, although down time of larger systems will have greater financial implications.

Regular maintenance can be client led with monitoring of the system, visually checking & potentially annual cleaning of the panels.

We are able to offer a full range of solutions to help maintain and keep your Solar PV system working & producing energy at the optimum level.

If you do not have a current maintenance package in place, your system is out of its workmanship warranty  or was installed by A N Other installer we are able to assist. Please call for details – 01789 262411.

Annual Maintenance Package – every system and client has different requirements. Service can include:

  • Annual cleaning to keep efficiency maximised, especially where bird soiling or atmospheric pollution has degraded the surface of the panel.
  • Visual inspection of all panels.
  • Remote monitoring with pro-active alerts.
  • Module string tests.
  • Inverter system checks.
  • Electrical inspection to include cabling, isolator & distribution board.
  • Generation Meter check.
  • Energy geberation analysis.
  • Voltage and current check.

Any faults or potential issues will be highlighted & repaired or corrected if required.

For more information call 01789 262411.

Shortlisted – Residential PV – Solar Power Portal Awards 2016


One of our recent projects has been shortlisted for Residential PV project of the year at the Solar Power Portal Awards 2016 to be held on the 5th October 2016.

The systems uses high performance SunPower X-Series “all black” Solar Panels with individual optimisation delivered by SolarEdge. Although the system is a retrofit installation, added to the house, it does not detract from the looks. 

To help make the house more sustainable the immersion heater is linked to the Solar to use surplus Solar-generated electricity to heat hot water.

To read more click here

Great time to invest in Solar Panels


Sun is out, interest rates have been cut so it is a great time to invest in Solar Panels. 

Whether it is a retrofit, new build or commercial we have all roofs covered. 

Worried what they will look like? We use market leading companies with options to integrate to make systems pleasing to the eye.

We install in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds & Nationally.

Tel: 01789 262411 for more information.


Considering Solar Panels, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire & West Midlands

If you are considering Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels for your home or business we recommend you take a couple of minutes to watch this video about the SunPower advantage by clicking here

Sunpower offer the following advantage:

  • Highest efficiency – therefore more energy from less roof space; up to 38% more than conventional panels.
  • Lowest degradation – only 0.25% power loss per year over the first 25 years compared to conventional panels up to 1%
  •  More peace of mind & more guaranteed power –  SunPower offers the industry’s only 25 year Power and Product Warranty.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certfied – prestigious honour for sustainable manufacturing 

For more information on SunPower click here

Integrated Solar Panels for new builds – #goodlookingsolar


Are you building your dream home or just tying to satisfy a planning requirement? Integrated Solar panels, or in-roof mounted are the answer.

We work with leading manufacturers to deliver #goodlookingsolar systems that will enhance an architect’s design rather than look like an after thought.

By using integrated systems you can also provide cost savings as the amount of tiles required will be reduced.

In-roof systems are not limited to new builds though. If you are about to embark up on some roof repairs or just demand a better looking system then give us a call. 

Tel. 01789 262411.

Golf Clubs & Hotels join Tesla Destination Charging Warwickshire


Hotels, Golf Clubs & other such sites can attract Tesla drivers to their properties by joining the Destination Charging Network. Qualified sites will receive their first two Wall Connectors free of charge as long as they are installed in visible or convenient locations.

As a Certified Tesla Installer we can install the units for you.

Either follow the linkor contact us to discuss further – 01789 262411.

Solar Panels 3.78kWp from £4,500

Special offer – 14 x SolarWorld 270w panels (3.78kWp) installed with SMA Sunny Boy from £4,500 inclusive.

This system consists of market leading German panels & inverter with online monitoring & includes installation, standard scaffold deck, MCS certification & FiT application forms.

Reduce your electricity bills & improve your carbon footprint. Contact us today 01789 262411.

Upgrade to heat your hot water as well from £295.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage & Tesla Powerwall

With SMA’s new Sunny Boy Storage system you can add a Tesla Powerwall to any existing Solar PV system. Energy storage ensures you maximise your Solar generated electricity thereby further reducing your home’s reliance on the grid.

The Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter is suitable for high-voltage batteries and is ideally suited to the electricity demand of a private household. It combines the flexibility of AC coupling with the advantages of high-voltage technology, enabling a significant reduction in system and installation costs.

Integrated web server and direct portal access, allows simple commissioning and monitoring of energy flows in the household.
We are now taking orders for delivery in July. Call 01789 262411 for more information.