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SunPower X21 350w Solar Panels now available.

The “best” Solar Panel just got “better”. SunPower have just launched their latest Signature Black panel with output increased from 335w to 350w.

This new panel with its premium aesthetics is a class leader.

Key facts:

  • Panel efficiency of 21.5%
  • 350w peak output
  • Warrantied output after 25 years at 92%
  • Product warranty of 25 years

In conclusion, highest output, highest efficiency, highest power warranty with the longest product warranty of any “all black” panel on the market.

We are now taking orders for immediate delivery so please contact us today to discuss further by clicking here

Electric Vehicle Charging, Birmingham, Midlands & South West

2017 saw a massive growth in Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging installations for Stratford Energy Solutions with some 500 home ChargePoints installed & large growth in the commercial arena.

Having worked in the market since 2013 we have experience working with leading brands such as Alfen, EO Charging, EV Box, Rolec, Tesla & Zappi. We can provide solutions from one off home ChargePoints to multiple point commercial smart systems. Owing to OLEV accreditation grants of £500 can be claimed for residential charging & upto £6,000 for commercial chargers.

We are centrally based installing throughout the Midlands with projects contracted also in the South West during 2018.

If you have a requirement for EV Charging then please click here to contact us.

Benefits of SolarEdge upgrades

SolarEdge upgrades are so often associated with mis-selling by the “call centre” solar sellers. Often their approach is “your installer has gone out of business”, “we are working on behalf of MCS”, “your system is out of warranty” amongst others. However there are many occasions when these upgrades are justified.

We recently carried one out replacing a faulty 6yr old single tracker string inverter on 3 roofs & it is already paying dividends for the client.

The client saw the benefit of a fully optimised system but without the panel level monitoring it would have taken some time before the diode failure of a panel would have been discovered. A week in & it was obvious something was wrong from the layout with one unshaded panel being the worst performer. By analysing the voltage of each panel we can be sure there is a panel issue. The client identified early on with minimal system generation loss & option to swap just one panel.

SolarEdge also offers full energy monitoring of your property, panel level DC shutdown & long warranties.

Contact us to discuss further.

Tesla Powerwall 2 selling fast Warwickshire, Midlands & UK

Tesla Powerwall 2s are selling will in 2018 with orders being received daily for installation in Warwickshire, through the Midlands & across the U.K.

The home battery can charge/discharge at 5kWp (subject to local connection requirements) & store 13.5kWh. It has the facility to scale up to 9 Powerwalls on one single installation; 121.5kWh.

We have held stock into 2018 & have new stock arriving in February.

If you are interested in adding Energy Storage to your home then contact us.

Good looking Solar Panels throughout Warwickshire, Midlands & UK

The subject of Solar Panels can often cause hot debate on the benefits they bring versus their aesthetical value. Working with market leading brands we deliver a range of “good looking Solar” systems using “all black” panels often combined with integrated mounting systems.

We work throughout Warwickshire, The Midlands & UK installing retrofit & new build systems.

If you are interested in the benefits of Solar Panels but always been concerned by the impact on your home then please click here to contact us £ discuss your requirements further.

Branded EV Charging Points Warwickshire, Midlands

If you are considering installing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging points for your business & you have a strong corporate image then with our partner Rolec, we have a range of EV charging pedestals and wall units that can be fully customised to incorporate branding – including corporate logos, colour schemes, etc. ChargePoints can be plug & charge, tokens, Chargeonline and also offer smart solutions.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Funding for thousands of electric car charge points unused by councils

OLEV issued a press release 12th January stating Ministers have written to local councils urging them to take up electric car charge-point funding.

Ministers Jesse Norman and Claire Perry have called for local authorities to do more to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle air quality after it emerged just 5 councils in the whole of the UK have taken advantage of an electric car scheme.

Government urges local authorities to take advantage of a £4.5million pot which could help people around the country join the electric car revolution

Also the Electric Vehicle Homecharge & Plug-in Car Grant schemes have been extended to help motorists make the switch to electric.

The full release can be read here

LG SolareEdge Home Energy Storage Innovation

Work has continued this week on Western Power Distribution’s LV Connect and Manage project an innovative trial installing energy storage systems in homes in Furzton, Milton Keynes working towards a smarter grid. As part of the project we are installing LG Chem home batteries using SolarEdge’s StorEdge interface. The Connect and Manage project is really important to WPD and its technology partners to allow it to learn more about future customer needs. The project allows WPD to demonstrate control and communication technologies that let you and your neighbours connect up solar panels and electric vehicles without delay. These technologies will be managed for short periods of the day (peak consumption for EV’s and off-peak export for PV’s) this gives WPD the valuable time it needs to plan network upgrades with minimal disruption to its customers.These home batteries are available to install in homes now. Please contact us for more information.

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Greenest Ever Year for GB Electricity Generation 2017

According to the National Grid figures, reported by WWF recently, the GB electricity was the “greenest” ever.

For the first time, wind, nuclear and solar power generated more than gas and coal combined in June last year breaking 13 clean energy records. Since 2012, Britain has halved it’s carbon emissions and is now the 4th cleanest power system in Europe and the 7th Worldwide.

Despite this carbon emissions for 2017, which averaged 275g/kWh, were still someway from the 2030 target of 100g/kWh. Further data can be found at MyGridGB

There are many ways we can impact our carbon footprints at home & at work from simple things like turning off lights, controlling heating systems, insulating our properties to investing in renewable energy & electric cars.

Stratford Energy can help with integrating renewable energy such as Solar Panels, energy storage & EV charging as well as LED lighting.

Christmas Opening Hours

The Stratford Energy Solutions office is closed from 5pm Wednesday 20th December & reopens 9am Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

You can still speak to someone by calling 01789 262411.

We wish all our clients a Merry Christmas & Sunny New Year.

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