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  • Case Study: Air Source
  • Location: Warwickshire
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Chris Dove and his family have lived for the past seven years in the five-bedroomed  property near Stratford-upon-Avon, which is off the gas grid. As part of a major refurbishment, the family have had two Danfoss DHP-AQ 16kW air source heat pumps installed by Stratford Energy Solutions of Stratford-upon-Avon, to provide space heating and hot water.

“Before we had the heat pumps it was so cold and draughty in the house in winter that there were some rooms we just didn’t use,” says Chris Dove. “I also found it very difficult to budget for heating, because the price of oil fluctuated so much. The air source heat pumps have made a massive improvement and now we enjoy a constant warm, comfortable temperature throughout the house.”

As part of the refurbishment Chris decided to upgrade the insulation in the house and change to a more sustainable form of heating. Whilst researching the options he attended an exhibition where he was able to find out more about ground and air source heat pumps from several manufacturers. He was most impressed by the information supplied by Danfoss Heat Pumps UK, and by the fact that the company had been operating in the heat pump industry for the past three decades.

Mr Dove explains: “Heat pump technology is still quite new to the UK, but I was confident in the Danfoss brand because I was aware that the company had been manufacturing heat pumps for over 30 years in Scandinavia.”

Mr Dove contacted local Danfoss approved installer Stratford Energy Solutions to discuss the features of the company’s ground and air source heat pumps in more detail. After careful consideration, he decided on the Danfoss DHP-AQ air source heat pump because it would avoid the need for the groundworks associated with a ground source heat pump, which could still operate at temperatures as low as -20oC.

Jason Savidge, Director of Stratford Energy Solutions, said: “After visiting Mr Dove’s property and studying the refurbishment plans, we assessed the heating requirements as an output of almost 30kW because it is a large property at 420m2.  This presented a challenge because the property has a single phase electrical supply, which would not normally be adequate for the size of heat pump required. We addressed this by installing two DHP-AQ 16kW pumps and using the flexible ‘master and slave’ set-up which is an innovative feature of Danfoss heat pumps.”

The Dove family are now benefiting from the market-leading seasonal performance of the new DHP-AQ. The pump is able to operate at temperatures as low as -20oC  via a unique system which constantly controls and optimises three key parameters in the product: airflow (efficient variable speed EC fan), the refrigerant circuit (electronic expansion valve) and heat distribution (OPTI technology). It also includes state-of-the-art defrosting technology designed to ensure full functionality even in very cold weather.

To avoid any loss of space in his garden, Mr Dove chose to have the two external heat pump units placed on the far side of his garden hedge, facing into a field which he owns. They are connected to the internal plant in the home’s laundry room by an insulated underground pipe. This comprises the Danfoss Midi Controller with a 300 litre hot water cylinder and a 300 litre buffer tank.

Stratford Energy Solutions also installed an underfloor heating system to the ground floor and radiators on the first floor, as well as carrying out all additional plumbing required during the refurbishment.

Chris Dale, Director of Danfoss Heat Pumps UK, explains: “Homeowners are increasingly recognising the benefits of air source heat pumps, especially where they have previously had an oil-fired heating system. We have seen a high level of interest in our DHP-AQ heat pump since its launch last year because it provides an ideal solution for properties which are off the gas grid. Mr Dove and his family will experience a constant, warm temperature in their home and no longer have to worry about unexpected rises in the price of oil.”

Danfoss Heat Pumps UK has extensive experience in the manufacture of heat pump systems for homes, schools, community buildings, developers, local authorities, housing associations and self builders. The DHP-AQ air source heat pump range has been developed by Danfoss in Scandinavia, a world leader in heat pump technology.

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