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  • Case Study: Air Source
  • Location: Snitterfield
  • Commissioning Date: 2011

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As Mrs H. works from home there is a reasonable demand for electricity during the day making the installation of Solar Photovoltaic panels a great option.

In November we installed 16 x Sunpower E19 panels with an SMA invertor which made maximum use of the space available working around the Velux windows. The 3.92kW system will provide an estimated 3,177kWhrs of energy giving a tax free Feed-in Tariff income of £1,375 per annum.

We were also asked to consider heating options. The house had previously been heated by an Oil fuelled boiler – increasing oil prices had resulted in dramatic increases in the running of the heating system. Mrs H. was interested in a Ground Source Heat Pump using the land opposite her property to run the ground loop.

Eventually it was decided an Air Source Heat Pump was the preferred option as there is less disruption during installation as no major excavation is required. Following a whole house energy assessment Mrs H. had windows replaced and additional insulation installed to improve the heat loss capabilities of her property.

In January a Danfoss DHP-AQ9 9kW Air Source Heat Pump was installed providing heating and hot water to the property. We also upgraded some radiators to the latest Stelrad K2 versions which offer improved heat output from small footprints.

Annually the property requires 25,616kWhrs of energy to heat the house to 20deg C & to provide hot water which previously meant fuel bills of over £2,000 per annum. The Air Source Heat Pump requires only 8,730kWhrs to do the same job. The result is an energy saving of over 65% and the fuel bill expected to be reduced dramatically.

The added benefit of Solar Photovoltaic panels on the roof means electricity required to run the Heat Pump during the day will be free.

Mrs H. was able to claim £850 Premium Heat Payment towards the installation cost and will be able to join the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive when it begins in 2013.