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  • Case Study: Air Source
  • Location: Blackdown
  • Commissioning Date: 2013

More Information

The project was a new build house with a connected work unit. The project was an Oak Frame Construction and very highly insulated so with this in mind the client had a desire to be as energy efficient as possible.

Having met with the client, Architect and main contractor Paul Charles Renovations we designed a system that would heat both buildings from one heating system. The design had Myson under-floor heating throughout both areas on the ground-floor with high output radiators on the first floor connected to one three-phase Danfoss DHP-S ECO 22kW Ground Source Heat Pump. Although there was going to be a large gardens associated with the property it was decided that rather than use horizontal ground loops, boreholes were the favoured approach. We sub-contracted the work to drill 4 x 150m boreholes to specialist GDC Drilling.

The final part of the design required a 10kWp Solar PV system. The client had a large 4m high wall in his garden and originally requested we mounted them to it, but we advised the best approach was a ground mount system using 30 x SunPower high efficiency E20 327w panels connected to 1 x SMA TriPower inverter that would generate electricity for the property.

As the project progressed we were contracted to carry out the first and second fix plumbing on the project as well.

The client will not only have a very economical house to run, but will also be able to claim two government incentives; the Feed-in Tariff scheme for Solar Panels & the Renewable Heat Incentive for the Heat Pump.

Feed-In Tariff will pay approximately £1,400 per year. This income is tax free, index-linked and guaranteed for 20 years.

Renewable Heat Incentive will pay approximately £5,500 per annum for 7 years.

Estimated running costs of the heating system will be about £1,800 per annum without taking into account the impact of the FREE electricity from the Solar Panels.