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  • Case Study: Biomass Boiler Installation
  • Location: Ullenhall
  • Commissioning Date:

More Information

Following on from a successful Solar Photovoltaic installation Mr S. from Ullenhall, near Henley-in-Arden decided he wished to replace his ageing oil boiler.

To avoid considerably modifying the heating distribution system it was decided a Biomass Boiler was a good option. After much research it was decided a PU15kW boiler from Austrian manufacturer ETA was the ideal unit.

The system was installed in the utility room in direct replacement to the oil boiler and the fuel store would eventually be in the nearby garage to be constructed in the loft area. This would feed the boiler daily via vacuum by via two 50mm supply hoses. This store was to constructed by the client so initially a temporary daily hopper was constructed.

The system was eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will pay the client £2,960 per annum for 7 years; £20,721 in total! At the same time the wood pellets are a third cheaper in cost per kWh.

Another happy customer who now had carbon zero product, was saving a third on his energy costs and the system would be financed by government incentive.