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  • Case Study: Biomass Boiler Installation
  • Location: Cubbington
  • Commissioning Date: 2013

More Information

The first part of the project was to install market leading SunPower Solar PV panels. The high efficiency of the panels meant only 12 were required to provide a peak output of 3.92kWp. As the house was Grade II listed the project required planning permission from Warwick District Council. Owing to the reduced roof area when comparing with other panels on the market, & the aesthetics of the SunPower panel, planning was granted.

The main refurbishment of the property called for a new heating system, so with the client’s desire to be more environmentally friendly we suggested using a Biomass boiler. This was accepted by the client, so in an attached outbuilding we installed an ETA PEK 45kW wood pellet boiler which would provide heating via a 1,000litre buffer tank that was connected to a new radiator heating distribution system installed by the client’s plumbers. Hot Water is provided via a Fresh Water Module which is attached to the side of the buffer tank so there is always a constant supply.

The fuel supply is fully automated with wood pellets being contained in the adjacent outbuilding in a Silo Store which vacuum feeds the pellets to the boiler.

As the system was fully MCS accredited the client has been able to join the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will pay in excess of £55,000 split equally over 28 quarterly payments.

The client recently commented that their “first RHI payment had more than paid for the first load of wood pellets” which should last over 6 months.