• Case Study: 50kW Solar Photovoltaic
  • Location: Stratford Agri-Park, Clifford Chambers
  • Commissioning Date: 2012

Stratford Energy Solutions were contacted by Mr P Cook from Stratford Agri Park near Clifford Chambers in October 2011 to assess the feasibility of installing a 50kW system on the roof of 6 units on the site.

Estimated Annual Generation: 42,301kWhrs per annum.

More Information

The system will generate the electricity that is supplied to the tenants of the 6 industrial units.

Permission was requested from Western Power Distribution and before this was granted the Government announced a change to the Feed-in Tariff for all installations completed by the 9th December 2011. Unfortunately owing to massive demand this installation was not able to progress in time.

In early 2012 permission was granted for the system and a scheme based on the “lower” Feed-in Tariff was commissioned on the 25th February 2012.

Luckily for the owners since the project has been completed the Government have lost successive court cases and the “old higher” Feed-in Tariff will be applicable for this installation for 25 years resulting in very healthy returns on investment.