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  • Case Study: Multi Technology Installation
  • Location: Bretforton
  • Commissioning Date: 2012

More Information

A planning requirement was the house had to be constructed to Code 4 for sustainable homes. Current building regulations are to Code 3.

The code for sustainable homes is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. It aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote higher standards of sustainable design above the current minimum standards set out by the building regulations.

We therefore had to consider every aspect of the design including heating, ventilation, lighting, water usage and energy management.

The property is heated by a Danfoss DHP-AQ 13kW Air Source Heat Pump which provides all the space heating via Robbens under-floor heating and a constant supply of hot water.

As the house is air tight it has a Villavent Multi-Room Ventilation & Heat Recovery system which extracts all the “dirty” air from the home’s bathrooms, WCs, etc and replaces it with “clean” fresh air into the living spaces.  Heat is loss is kept to a minimum as the air is passed through a heat exchanger, the heat is recovered from the extracted air and added to the incoming air.

The house has LED lighting throughout and electrically there is individual zone/room control of the under-floor heating as well as timers, etc for all other electric products. All appliances purchased by the client are “A” rated.

Water conservation is also considered with rain water being recovered from the roof and stored before being used for flushing toilets. The taps & showers all  have flow control to ensure water usage is kept to a minimum.

On the roof we have installed 12 x SunPower 327w panels that will generate some 3,500kWh of electricity per year reducing further the carbon footprint of the property.

The new  homeowners are Mr H’s daughter and family; they will be able to benefit from the Government incentives for Renewable Heating as well as the Feed-In Tariff for energy generation.

Recent feedback includes “the house is fantastic!” & “All very happy!”