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  • Air or Ground Source Heat Pump?

    Ground Source is slightly more efficient and are more commonly used for new builds when excavations on site will already be happening. We usually use Air Source where customers do not have any large fields for the ground-loop or for most retrofits as this avoids large excavation on site.

  • Can I use a heat pump with radiators?

    Yes. Most of our systems are retrofit using the existing radiators. We will check that your radiators are the correct size.

  • Do I need a boiler to back up

    Not usually. We normally size our heat pumps to be the sole source for heating and hot water.

  • Do I need a buffer tank?

    Yes. We always design our system with buffers for increased efficiency. Many installers using inverter driven heat pumps will not sue them.

  • How long do heat pumps last?

    Danfoss heat pump uses scroll compressors which have a lifetime of at least 20 years. Cheaper inverter driven heat pumps will be half this.

  • How much land does a ground source require?

    For ground loops it does depend on the size of the heat pump. Typically, a 200sqm new build house will require up to 750 of ground loop which will require 1,550 sqm of land. The other option is bore hole. Please call us for more details.

  • I am currently on mains gas. Is it worth installing a heat pump?

    This really depends on your buying motives, if it’s purely a green issue then a heat pump will provide lower CO2 emissions than installing a gas boiler and it might be worth considering. If you are looking for cost savings and the property is existing and not well insulated then the cost savings need to be carefully considered and in reality it might be better installing a highly efficient gas condensing boiler. It will also depend how long you intend to live in the property as gas boilers tend to only have life times of 10 years compared to 20 of a Danfoss heat pump.

  • Is a heat pump right for my house?

    Although heat pumps can be used to provide heat for any building, whether they are cost effective depends very much on the application. They are most suited for well insulated new build properties, with underfloor throughout and that are no on the mains gas grid.

    However, they can be used in older buildings with radiators. Most systems we install are as retrofits to customers currently paying hefty bills for Oil & LPG. We will organise a full room by room heat loss calculation to confirm the size and performance.

  • What is COP?

    This stands for coefficient of performance. A COP of 4 means that for every unit of electricity used will provide 4 units of heat.

  • What maintenance is required?

    Very little. It is fit and forget. All our systems are weather compensating so as the temperature drops outside the heat pump will work accordingly to maintain a constant comfortable temperature across your house. We do recommend that it is serviced annually. We can also install remote monitoring for all our Danfoss Heat Pumps via your smart phone or on line.

  • What size of heat pump do I need?

    This depends on the insulation quality of the house, the floor area and how many bathrooms you have. Our site survey will determine this.

  • Will a heat pump provide domestic hot water (DHW)?

    Yes. All our heat pumps will provide a constant hot water supply 24 hours a day that can be replenished quickly – typically a Danfoss Heat Pump can replenish 180 litres in 21 minutes!