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  • Are there any grants available?

    Not anymore. They were replaced by the FiT.

  • Can I export any of the electricity I generate?

    Yes. All unused electricity will be exported back to the grid. This is usually paid as part of a guaranteed 50% Export rate. However, systems above 30kWp have to have an Export Meter installed which measures the actual amount.

  • Can I heat water with Solar PV panels?

    Yes. If we install an Immersun any un-used electricity that your panels have generated will be directed to your immersion heater providing FREE hot water.

  • Do I need a three phase electricity supply?

    Systems up to about 10kW peak power can often be accommodated on a single phase electrical supply, however we do need to seek permission from your Distribution Network Operator (DNO).  More than this will require 3 phases with the power split equally between them.

  • Do I need planning permission?

    On roof systems are classed as permitted development so unless the property is listed or in a conservation area planning permission will not be required.

  • Do I need to inform my electricity supplier?

    No. We will deal with all permissions & notifications and can also provide the paperwork for your Feed-in Tariff (FiT) application.

  • Does prices include Scaffolding?

    Yes.  Everything is included in our price so the price you see is the price you pay.

  • How are the panels fixed to the roof?

    For a standard roof we use rigid stainless steel brackets that are fixed directly to your roof rafters.  The brackets hook out from underneath your existing tiles.  We do not drill tiles/slates or use mastic/silicone to weather proof your roof.  These techniques do not have a long life span.

  • How do I use the electricity generated?

    The system is connected directly to your fuse board and you house will use “your generated FREE electricity” first.

  • How long will the installation take?

    A typical 4kWp will be installed in one day.

  • How much does a Solar PV system cost?

    Prices start from around £3500, with a 4kWp system starting at £5,600 (inc VAT & EPC).

  • How much electricity does a PV system output?

    A South facing roof will generate around 800 kWh for each kWp installed.  This reduces by around 20% for an East or West facing roof.

  • How much space on my roof do I need for a solar PV installation?

    Systems can be as small as 2 panels occupying about 3.3sqm on your roof.  A typical 4kWp system (16 panels) will require about 25sqm. However, as an authorised SunPower installer we can provide a 12 panel high efficiency system that is less than 20sqm.

  • How much will I be paid for electricity I generate?

    The Feed-in Tariff pays up to 14.38p/kWh for all the electricity generated even if used in your own property.  This is guaranteed for 20 years, Index linked and tax free for domestic systems.

  • Is efficiency important with solar panels?

    Yes. Efficiency is calculated from the energy generated from a panel compared to its size

    E.g. a Schueco MPE240 240w panel is 1,639 x 939mm in size = 1.54sqm. 240w divided by 1.54 = 15.58% efficient. SunPower E20 327w panel is 1,559 x 1,046mm = 1.63sqm but produces 327w. Efficiency is therefore 20.01%.

  • What guarantees do you offer?

    Schuco Panels come with a 10 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty.

    SunPower are the only company who offer a combined 25 year product & performance warranty.

    SMA inverters come with a standard 5 year warranty which can be increased to 20 years (at a cost) and they also come a with a “Lifetime Replacement Service”

    Stratford Energy Solutions also provide an Insurance backed Warranty on our domestic installations.

  • What is the payback for a solar PV installation?

    This will depend on the size and orientation of the system which we will confirm following a survey. However a typical 4kWp system facing due South will pay back in 7 years.

  • Whose panels do you use?

    We primarily use Schuco (German) or the World’s most efficient from SunPower.

  • Will I be eligible for the Feed-in Tariff (FiT)?

    As approved MCS installers all our installations are eligible for all government incentives.

  • Will I have to change my inverter?

    We use inverters from the World market leader, SMA. They are a German company with 30 years’ experience. They have a design life of at least 20 years.

  • Will my roof be strong enough?

    Most roofs are strong enough to take a solar installation without any reinforcement although we will check this during our survey.

  • Will my system generate electricity during power cuts?

    No. Your system will work in parallel with the “National Grid” and for safety when the electricity is cut your system will shut down unless you have a battery back-up system.