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Biomass is the latest renewable solution we have to offer.

Austrian Partners

Whether it is wood pellet, wood chip or log wood, we at Stratford Energy Solutions have the answer with our partner Austrian based ETA with systems from 7kW up to 200kW and beyond.

As an alternative, and in contrast to a Heat Pump, Biomass boilers produce heating at temperatures similar to traditional fossil fuel boilers but have the advantage of being carbon neutral

The carbon is taken out of the atmosphere while the tree is growing and returns it when it is burned, so with a continuous programme of replanting the new growth takes up the CO2 produced from burning.

How it works

  1. Pellet suction turbine
  2. Metering screw
  3. Stoker screw
  4. Expansion vessel
  5. Ash screws
  6. Detachable ash box
  7. Hot stainless steel combustion chamber
  8. Fluid heat exchanger with integrated return temperature riser control
  9. Heat exchanger with automatic cleaning function
  10. Induced draught fan
  11. Flow mixer valve
  12. Low power circuit pump
  13. Change-over valve hot water storage tank load
  14. Flow- heating circuit
  15. Flow – hot water cylinder
  16. Return – heating circuit and HWC
  17. Connection for external combustion air feed
  1. Intermediate pellet container
  2. Pellet feed with rotary valve
  3. Lambda probe
  4. Patented rotating grate with cleaning rake

Reasons for using wood pellet boilers.

Where a heat pump or other renewable technologies are unsuitable a wood pellet boiler can be an ideal solution for the following reasons:

  • Retro-fitted to most existing systems
    High temperature heating can be provided in a similar way to a conventional fossil fuel heating system which can be retro-fitted to most existing systems without the need to make major adjustments.
  • Very clean with efficiencies of up to 95%.
  • Fully automatic
    Pellets are stored in tanks/silos similar to oil and fed automatically to the boiler.
  • Very little maintenance
    The ash bin may need emptying twice a year which can be part of a Stratford Energy Solutions’ maintenance package.
  • Cost savings
    The cost of wood pellets are typically lower than the fossil fuel being replaced, with greater savings being made from oil, electricity and LPG.
  • Reduced fuel price volatility
    Oil and gas prices are affected by global political instability whereas pellets are in large supply and fully sustainable resulting in very stable pricing.
  • Reduced carbon emissions due to their neutral carbon cycle.
  • Improved energy performance ratings for buildings.
    Using a pellet boiler can help achieve higher ratings in such schemes as BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Wood Pellet brochures:


ETA Pellet PC 20, 25, 32k, 40, 45 & 50kW

ETA Pellet PE-K 35 to 90kW
ETA Pellet PU 7kW to 15kW

Wood chip & Logs

ETA also manufacture wood chip and log wood boilers. Further information on ETA wood chip and log boilers can be found by downloading the following brochures:

ETA Woodchip HACK 20 to 200kW

ETA Log Wood SH 20 to 60kW