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The subject of Solar Panels can often cause hot debate on the benefits they bring versus their aesthetical value. Working with market leading brands we deliver a range of “good looking Solar” systems using “all black” panels often combined with integrated mounting systems.

New Build Solar

Solar is a cheap and easy way of making the new homes and offices we build more sustainable, cheaper to run and compliant with ever more stringent building regulations.

Solar is a technology’ that requires very little maintenance; maybe the cleaning of Panels & periodic electrical check.

More and more house buyers are attracted by the idea of living in a sustainable building that is cheap to run and treads lightly on the environment. Solar reduces homebuyers’ energy bills so when developing new build projects house builders can use it as part of a “green” marketing package that attracts a lot of buyers – particularly first time buyers.

And it is also a selling point for investors. A poll of property investors conducted by CBRE recently showed that 70% of investors give weight to sustainability considerations when deciding where to put their money.

Roof integrated panels are what we recommend for new build homes with ‘all black’ panels so that they blend into the roof and provide good aesthetics.

If you are a self-builder or developer we have options to suit all budgets. Contact us for more information.