“All Black” SunPower Solar Panels Worcester

We are often asked what we think is the best sub 4kWp Solar PV system. Currently we think it is 12 x SunPower World Standard for Solar X20 327w (3.92kWp) “All Black” panels with SolarEdge Solar Panel Optimisation panel optimisation & inverter.
Recently installed in Worcester this customer was keen to have an aesthetically pleasing system as it was on the front of his house. The Sunpower answered this owing to its “All Black” finish and 20.1% efficiency the visual impact was low. This panel also has world leading degradation rates backed up by a combined 25year performance & product warranty.
The SolarEdge power optimisers ensure each panel performs at its peak MPP ensuring maximum generation, but also allow for individual panel monitoring.
The result is maximum energy generation from less than 20sqm of roof space with little visual impact.
Energy management was further enhanced by the addition of a Solar iBoost which diverts surplus self-generated electricity to power power the immersion providing FREE hot water.