Biomass Boiler & District Heating System – Knowle, West Midlands

Working to a specification provided by Greenway & Partners we were asked to design a Biomass heating system that could provide a peak heat output of 180kW to provide heating and hot water to thirteen brand new build premium houses on a gated estate near Knowle, West Midlands developed by Spitfire Construction.

Working with Davis & Birch mechanical engineers we designed and installed two ETA PEK 90kW wood pellet boilers in a dedicated plant room that has 4,400litres of buffer storage that will distribute heating via a district heating pipe around the thirteen homes. The installation allowed for each boiler to work independently depending on heating demand allowing for equal ware but when demand increase they would cascade together to increase heating output.

The plant room has two integral sloping floor pellet stores that via auger provide fuel automatically to each boiler.

The whole system is connected via ETA’s meinETA which allows for remote maintenance & control.

To ensure total fail safe there is also an LPG boiler to provide emergency backup if there is a catastrophic failure of the two ETA boilers.

As the system is a district heating system the client will be able to claim the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive which will pay over £400,000 for the next 20 years.