Energy Storage

Tesla Powerwall 2 improved warranty

  • Tesla have improved the warranty for the Powerwall 2.
  • Previously only customers using the battery for self consumption of solar benefited from the market leading unlimited cycle warranty, it has now been updated to include customers using the time based control feature who can now also take advantage of this unlimited cycle warranty for 10 years.
  • In summary:
    • 10 year warranty
    • 13.5kWh 100% fully usable energy scalable to over 120kWh
    • 5kW of Power that is scalable with each Powerwall installed
    • Active Temperature Control giving longer life and flexible install position
    • Unlimited Cycles for Self Consumption and Time Based Control (Grid Charging)
    • 80% energy retention after 10years
    • Constant Software updates enhancing the product and sent out to all Powerwalls
    • Backup function available as option
    • Able to set up as three-phase
  • This improved warranty update is retrospective to all existing owners which is great news for clients who have invested already.
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  • Stratford Energy at FullyChargedLive – Silverstone

    On the 9th & 10th June come join us at the Electric Vehicle & Renewable Energy event of the year!

    Choose from dozens of visitor attractions, 18 live sessions, lots of exciting exhibitors and >50 electric vehicles at Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged LIVE, the exhibition of the hit YouTube show (

    Visitor Attractions:

    • Grand Opening, Grand Closing: Win a £1,000 in our daily prize draw courtesy of myenergi.

    • Ask the Expert: The Renewable Energy Association, Chargemaster, Drive Electric & Hyperion Executive Search are on hand to answer all of your questions.

    • Every Electric Vehicle available in the UK: There will be 50+ electric vehicles on-site including the new Nissan Leaf and the hotly-anticipated Jaguar I-PACE.

    • An array of the best Renewable Technologies: Whether you want solar or batteries, heat pumps or vehicle-to-grid chargers, it’ll all be on display.

    • And a selection of Technologies ‘as seen on screen’: If you’ve seen it on Fully Charged, chances are it will be at the Silverstone Wing for your enjoyment.

    • The Hospitality Zone: Food & Drink aplenty will be on offer, as well as interactive entertainment from the Racing Bug for big kids of all ages.

    • The Pit Garage & The Paddock: We couldn’t squeeze all of the organic goodness of Fully Charged in the Silverstone Wing , so there’s even more ‘under the hood’.

    • Eighteen Live Sessions: A carefully curated series of conversations where the Fully Charged hosts (Robert Llewellyn, Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge; Jonny Smith, Channel 5’s Fifth Gear; Helen Czerski, BBC’s Ice and Fire) and expert panellists take on the hottest topics.

    This eventbrite page is for VIP invites only, to buy tickets or for further information click here

    Solar Power sets new generation record

    The UK’s solar capacity set a new generation record earlier this month, almost a year to the day it achieved the same feat in 2017.

    Data compiled by PV Live and verified by National Grid show that PV generation peaked at 9.42GW from 11:30 AM on Monday 14 May, edging just past the previous record of 9.37GW set almost a year ago.

    These record-setting periods also saw solar provide 25% of the country’s entire demand, the second largest power source at that time of day. Combined with wind (10%) and nuclear (18%), low-carbon sources made up more than half of the UK’s entire energy demand around midday.

    And the record caps off what has been a highly productive period for the UK’s renewables fleet. Solar PV has regularly contributed upwards of 25% of the UK’s power supply around the midday peak in recent weeks, and the early May bank holiday spell saw PV become the dominant energy source for a total of six full hours over the weekend.

    Far from being an overarching issue for National Grid, the transmission system operator has repeatedly asserted that it has the tools at its disposal to cope with such periods of significant solar generation.

    Whether for how or work Solar Power can help reduce costs. Contact us by clicking here for no obligation advice.

    Tesla Powerwall 2 selling fast Warwickshire, Midlands & UK

    Tesla Powerwall 2s are selling will in 2018 with orders being received daily for installation in Warwickshire, through the Midlands & across the U.K.

    The home battery can charge/discharge at 5kWp (subject to local connection requirements) & store 13.5kWh. It has the facility to scale up to 9 Powerwalls on one single installation; 121.5kWh.

    We have held stock into 2018 & have new stock arriving in February.

    If you are interested in adding Energy Storage to your home then contact us.

    LG SolareEdge Home Energy Storage Innovation

    Work has continued this week on Western Power Distribution’s LV Connect and Manage project an innovative trial installing energy storage systems in homes in Furzton, Milton Keynes working towards a smarter grid. As part of the project we are installing LG Chem home batteries using SolarEdge’s StorEdge interface. The Connect and Manage project is really important to WPD and its technology partners to allow it to learn more about future customer needs. The project allows WPD to demonstrate control and communication technologies that let you and your neighbours connect up solar panels and electric vehicles without delay. These technologies will be managed for short periods of the day (peak consumption for EV’s and off-peak export for PV’s) this gives WPD the valuable time it needs to plan network upgrades with minimal disruption to its customers.These home batteries are available to install in homes now. Please contact us for more information.

    Greenest Ever Year for GB Electricity Generation 2017

    According to the National Grid figures, reported by WWF recently, the GB electricity was the “greenest” ever.

    For the first time, wind, nuclear and solar power generated more than gas and coal combined in June last year breaking 13 clean energy records. Since 2012, Britain has halved it’s carbon emissions and is now the 4th cleanest power system in Europe and the 7th Worldwide.

    Despite this carbon emissions for 2017, which averaged 275g/kWh, were still someway from the 2030 target of 100g/kWh. Further data can be found at MyGridGB

    There are many ways we can impact our carbon footprints at home & at work from simple things like turning off lights, controlling heating systems, insulating our properties to investing in renewable energy & electric cars.

    Stratford Energy can help with integrating renewable energy such as Solar Panels, energy storage & EV charging as well as LED lighting.

    Tesla PowerWall 2 & LG Chem Home Battery on display

    If you’re interested in Energy Stroage & Home Batteries then call us to arrange to visit to our showroom. Along with Solar PV systems, Air Source Heat Pumps & Biomass Boiler we also have home batteries on display.

    The Tesla PowerWall 2 stores 13.5kWh of electricity charging & discharging at upto 5kW. With the facility to charge from the grid and soon to have backup facility it comes with an integral inverter so can be simply added to any existing Solar system with little disruption. 

    The LG Chem batteries are available in varying capacities from 3.3kWh to 10kWh and require a third party inverter such as SolarEdge’s StorEdge system.

    For more information & to book an appointment call 01789 262411.

    LG Chem & SolarEdge Battery Storage – Connect & Manage

    October has seen the commencement of the Connect and Manage project in Furzton, Milton Keynes. The project is being run by Western Power Distribution (WPD) to allow it to learn more about future customer demands on the electrical grid. 

    The project allows WPD to demonstrate control and communication technologies that let you and your neighbours connect up solar panels and electric vehicles without delay. These technologies will be managed for short periods of the day (peak consumption for EV’s and off-peak export for PV’s) this gives WPD the valuable time it needs to plan network upgrades with minimal disruption to its customers.

    As the installation partner, we will be installing LG Chem 7kWh batteries in homes of residents living in the Furzton area of Milton Keynes. Partnered with SolarEdge’s StorEdge system the batteries  will be installed in homes with and without Solar Panels allowing WPD to monitor the habits & trial smart grid techniques.

    Clients participating will have to occasionally complete surveys of their experiences but at the end of the trial the batteries will be handed over at no cost to the homeowner.

    For more information on the project click here.

    Smart Energy & Electric Vehicle Charging

    It’s been a busy & exciting few weeks in the media starting with government news on Smart Energy. Key to this is that household batteries will be part of UK’s new energy strategy. Stratford Energy Solutions has been installing home energy storage for nearly 2 years & currently recommend the Tesla Powerwall 2.The other big news was the announcement that New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK.

    This created lots of heated discussion on social media, TV & Radio and even down the local pub on the effect of this policy.

    One of the main topics was can the grid handle the imminent growth in electric vehicle uptake? The answer is yes, 100% electric vehicles can easily be accommodated by the grid. This will be achieved with a mixture of off-peak charging (the government are already rolling out smart meters), increase in generation with renewables & energy storage and new digital technology whereby the rate of EV charging at any moment across the country will be automatically adjusted to help match overall supply and demand. The latter is currently being trialled as part of the world’s largest electric vehicle charging project, Electric Nation, which Stratford Energy Solutions is one of the installation companies.

    Other questions being asked included what difference will swapping to all electric make and where will I charge? The WWF wrote a great blog which answered all those queries click here to read it

    For more information on energy storage & electric vehicle charging contact us 01789 262411.

    Tesla PowerWall 2 installations begin Warwickshire, Midlands

    So June has been a very busy & exciting month with the arrival of the Tesla PowerWall 2. Stock began to arrive in the first week and we have now installed a number of home energy storage systems.

    Clients who have had the units have reported days when they are now not buying electricity. Their Solar PV systems generate during the day powering their houses with any surplus electricity being stored on their Tesla battery. Then when the Solar PV energy begins to reduce their battery takes over allowing their homes to be powered by sunshine 24 hours a day.

    Here are some key points which make it the leading battery:

    • Only Manufacturer to have an active cooling system. This will ensure your battery is operating at its peak performance whilst extending the life.
    • Floor and Wall Mounted
    • Flexible installation location Indoor or Outdoor
    • 5KW continuous Charge and Discharge ability from its own built in Battery inverter.
    • AC Coupled so capable of retrofit to any home with a PV installation.
    • Large 13.5kWh capacity to take advantage of Grid charging in the future without affecting the FIT payments. Maximum use of solar consumption in summer and capacity to buy from Time of use tariffs in the winter.
    • Scalable, Up to 10 Powerwall’s can be connected to a single Gateway giving a huge 135KWh of storage and 50KW of power from a relatively small space
    • Simple, Market Leading Warranty leaving you with 80% of its original output after 10 Years
    • Future Proof product, Always Connected giving you free over the air updates such as Time Of Use charge and discharge
    • Tesla Experience is unparalleled

     If you wish to add energy storage to your Solar PV system then please call 01789 262411. We currently have stock available due in later this month.