Use the Stamp Duty Holiday to Invest in Solar

On Wednesday 8th July, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a temporary holiday on stamp duty on the first £500,000 of all property sales in England and Northern Ireland until March 2021.

He said the move would save the average house buyer £4,500. With our special offer for a 4.02kWp Solar system running currently at £5,995 the “real” price for a Solar system could be from £1,495!!!

On a South facing unshaded roof this will generate over 3,500kWh of electricity per annum.

This is the ideal time to reduce your energy costs at a very low initial cost.

To discuss further please contact us by clicking here.

Our Coronavirus Policy

Please find our Coronavirus (Covid-19) policy for our customers.

For now, we are trading as normal, but we will be following government and NHS advice and self-isolating if necessary.

This will impact on current and planned projects, but we will liaise with all customers this will affect.

This virus may only affect us with mild symptoms and we may feel well enough to continue trading, but be assured we will not visit you if we are advised to self-isolate.

This is to protect potentially passing the virus onto someone where the symptoms may be life threatening

Please can you return the courtesy to us.

If you are self-isolating, please can you not see it as a convenient time to call us (or any other tradesperson) to visit, as you’re at home.

We have people we want to protect from the virus too.

Keep safe & look out for each other.

Job vacancy – Sales Administrator/Co-ordinator

We are a rapidly-expanding electrical contracting company that specialise in Solar PV, Energy Storage & Electric Car Charging based in Stratford-upon-Avon. We require an enthusiastic, friendly and hard-working individual to join our team as a Sales Administrator/Co-ordinator.

The role is full-time and will include, but is not limited to, dealing with customer enquiries, advising on products, carrying out desktop surveys, preparing quotations and liaising with customers from order through to installation.

Full training will be given along with a competitive salary, workplace pension scheme and free parking.

The successful candidate will possess:

• Education to a minimum ‘A’ level in English and Maths

• Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite and CRM software

• Excellent communication skills

• A polite and friendly manner

• Lots of initiative

• A positive attitude

• Team player

With 10 years of experience in this fast moving & expanding field we are ideally placed as we transition to an all-electric transport system.

Please apply in writing with CV to tracey@stratfordenergy.co.uk

Closing date for applications: 31st March 2020

SunPower Maxeon 3 400w Solar Panels in stock January 2020

The world’s highest efficiency Solar Panel is in stock in January.

SunPower’s Maxeon 3 400w panel offers high generation for both residential & commercial roofs. 4kWp can be achieved from just over 17.5sqm of roof area.

These market leading modules with warrantied output of 92% at 25years will give the most long-term energy in the Solar industry – up to 60% more energy in the same space over 25 years.

This is all backed by the industry leading Warranty – 25years for Product, Performance & Service.

If you are looking to invest in Solar in 2020 contact us to discuss your requirements.

Greenest Ever Year for GB Electricity Generation 2017

According to the National Grid figures, reported by WWF recently, the GB electricity was the “greenest” ever.

For the first time, wind, nuclear and solar power generated more than gas and coal combined in June last year breaking 13 clean energy records. Since 2012, Britain has halved it’s carbon emissions and is now the 4th cleanest power system in Europe and the 7th Worldwide.

Despite this carbon emissions for 2017, which averaged 275g/kWh, were still someway from the 2030 target of 100g/kWh. Further data can be found at MyGridGB

There are many ways we can impact our carbon footprints at home & at work from simple things like turning off lights, controlling heating systems, insulating our properties to investing in renewable energy & electric cars.

Stratford Energy can help with integrating renewable energy such as Solar Panels, energy storage & EV charging as well as LED lighting.

Christmas Opening Hours

The Stratford Energy Solutions office is closed from 5pm Wednesday 20th December & reopens 9am Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

You can still speak to someone by calling 01789 262411.

We wish all our clients a Merry Christmas & Sunny New Year.

UK Electric & Plug-in Hybrid Car market grows 47.5% in October 2017

The UK’s plug-in car market saw continued strong performance in October, accounting for 2.2% of total registrations – in sharp contrast to the diesel’s sales dropping 30% according to Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) figures.Pure electric car (EV) registrations of 672 units increased more than 70% compared to October 2016, while plug-in hybrid (PHEV) registrations increased almost 47%. Combined plug-in car registrations increased 51% in October compared to 2016’s figures.

Total new car registrations decreased 12% compared to last year, though all of that decline is because of the lack of buyer confidence in diesel. Diesel sales decreased 29.9% in October, a malaise that has affected the few diesel-hybrid models on sale too, as they fell almost 50% compared to last year. Diesel-hybrids only accounted for 64 units though, compared to conventional diesel’s 62,349 registrations.

If you are investing in a fully electric or plug-in hybrid car please contact us for information on options for charging at home & work.

Zappi – Charge your EV with your PV

 Zappi – The greenest way to charge you electric car using surplus power from Solar PV panels or a wind turbine. It is an EV chargepoint with 3 modes (Fast, Eco & Eco+) allowing you to set what is the most efficient way to charge your electric car.

The product is an OLEV accredited product so £500 grant can be claimed towards an installation. It is available with both Type 1 & Type 2 5m tethered leads. .

Recent installations have included a retrofit for Robert Llewelyn which he featured on the Fully Charged YouTube channel, Click here to see the review, as well as for Stuart Wright where an installation was featured. Click here to see more.

Zappi is available to order now so please contact us for details.

Tesla PowerWall 2 installations begin Warwickshire, Midlands

So June has been a very busy & exciting month with the arrival of the Tesla PowerWall 2. Stock began to arrive in the first week and we have now installed a number of home energy storage systems.

Clients who have had the units have reported days when they are now not buying electricity. Their Solar PV systems generate during the day powering their houses with any surplus electricity being stored on their Tesla battery. Then when the Solar PV energy begins to reduce their battery takes over allowing their homes to be powered by sunshine 24 hours a day.

Here are some key points which make it the leading battery:

  • Only Manufacturer to have an active cooling system. This will ensure your battery is operating at its peak performance whilst extending the life.
  • Floor and Wall Mounted
  • Flexible installation location Indoor or Outdoor
  • 5KW continuous Charge and Discharge ability from its own built in Battery inverter.
  • AC Coupled so capable of retrofit to any home with a PV installation.
  • Large 13.5kWh capacity to take advantage of Grid charging in the future without affecting the FIT payments. Maximum use of solar consumption in summer and capacity to buy from Time of use tariffs in the winter.
  • Scalable, Up to 10 Powerwall’s can be connected to a single Gateway giving a huge 135KWh of storage and 50KW of power from a relatively small space
  • Simple, Market Leading Warranty leaving you with 80% of its original output after 10 Years
  • Future Proof product, Always Connected giving you free over the air updates such as Time Of Use charge and discharge
  • Tesla Experience is unparalleled

 If you wish to add energy storage to your Solar PV system then please call 01789 262411. We currently have stock available due in later this month.

Are Solar Panels & Energy Storage going to cut my electricity bill?

A question we always get asked is “Are Solar Panels & Energy Storage going to cut my electricity bill?” The answer is yes!!!

We have supplied & installed many Solar PV systems over the last 7 years & have been installing energy storage as part of new installations or retrofit to existing systems for the last 2 years.

Using one of our clients as a case study we can see the benefits in a very short space of time. In December 2016 we installed a new 5.23kWp SunPower system using 16 x E20 327w Panels with SolarEdge Inverter & Optimisation as well as a Tesla Powerwall 1.

The client has so far in 2017 provided 41% of their electricity consumption from Solar, in March it was 66% & April has started well at 91%.

The East facing SunPower panels generate electricity as soon as the sun rises & often by lunchtime the Tesla Powerwall is at 100% stored capacity leaving the house to be powered by sunshine until sunset when the battery takes over.

Commenting on the system our client says:

“It’s easy to live with and the app is fascinating. We have just come off a single period of 46hours where all the power we consumed came off our own roof.

Really looking forward to May, June and July when we think we are going to be strong net producers of power.

Next steps? We are thinking of maybe more one day. The back of the house is an option due to the East West nature of the house and very long periods of the day we would have both sides in full sun. Maybe a second battery? We think if we did that we would almost be able to change our oil fired boiler for an electric one in a few years when it needs replacing. Ground source? What about when all our cars are electric?”

For more information on Solar & Energy Storage call us on 01789 262411.