Changes to the Solar PV Feed-in Tariff Scheme

The Department of Energy & Climate Change has announced plans to bring greater stability and transparency to the renewable energy sector.
The key findings are:
  • A tariff of 21p/kWh will take effect from 1st April this year for domestic-size solar panels with an eligibility date on or after 3rd March 2012.  Other tariff reductions apply for larger installations.
  • Properties installing solar panels on or after 1st April this year will now be required to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘D’ or above to qualify for a full FIT. The DECC estimates that about half of all properties are already eligible for a ‘D’ rating.
  • From 1st April 2012, new ‘multi-installation’ tariff rates will be set at 80% of the standard tariffs for individuals or organisations receiving FITs from 25 or more installations.
  • DECC is now consulting on a proposal that social housing, community projects and distributed energy schemes be exempt from these multi-installation tariff rates

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