Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Proposals Published

The Department of Energy & Climate Change have at long last published proposals for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

The consultation closes on the 7th December 2012 with the scheme expected to go live Summer 2013.

Key proposals in the consultation include:

  • Indicative tariff ranges for Air Source Heat Pumps (6.9-11.5p/kWh), Biomass Boilers (5.2-8.7p/kWh), Ground Source Heat Pumps (12.5-17.3p/kWh) and Solar Thermal technologies (17.3p/kWh) that are MCS certified and meet relevant required standards
  • Payments for householders over seven years for each kWh of heat produced for the expected lifetime of the renewable technology and based on deemed heat usage
  • Tariff levels set to provide a better return for householders living off the gas grid
  • Budget management system similar to one introduced for the Feed-in Tariffs scheme
  • Minimum energy efficiency requirements based on Green Deal assessments

The above rates will be applicable to householders who have installed such technology since 15 July 2009 as long as it was commissioned by an MCS accredited installed.

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