Electric Car Powered by SunPower Solar PV Leamington Spa

Having installed an OLEV funded Electric Vehicle Charging Point for Mr S. we were asked to consider Solar PV panels.
The only available roof space was on a South facing garage roof which had space for 10 panels as well as a degree of early morning shading from the house. The solution was 10 x SunPower E20 327w panels with a SolarEdge inverter & power optimisers. This ensured maximum generation from the 3.27kWp system along with individual panel monitoring.
We also installed an Immersun 2 heating control to ensure that all self-generated FREE electricity was used by diverting to the immersion heater to heat water.
The result is a car powered by the Sun, reduced electricity & gas consumption, reduced carbon footprint, 20year tax free index-linked income and a happy customer.
To find out how you can be involved call 01789 262411.