Destination Charging

Destination Charging

Whether it be for a hotel, Leisure centre, school or public building we have options for EV charging.


Rolec EV manufactures a range of EV charging points which have been specially designed for commercial locations, including restaurants, hotels, car parks, etc.

There is an EV charging point to suit every budget and requirement: available many variants from 3.6kW to 22kW.

Rolec EV/VendElectric electric vehicle charging points provide the ideal EV charging solution for every location. These charging points are easy to install, easy to use, easy to manage – and produce an instant revenue stream for your business.

For your customers, sta­ff and visitors to charge their EV all you need is an electricity supply and a Rolec EV charging point, it’s that easy.

  • NO Driver Annual Membership Fees
  • NO Driver Monthly Subscription Fees
  • NO Driver Connection Fees
  • NO Operator Licence Fees

EO Genius

EO Genius is an intelligent commercial charging solution ideal for destination charging such as hotels, leisure, centres, etc.

The award-winning EO Hub can connect up to 32 Genius charging stations, making the charging solution smart, cost-effective and scalable. Future-proof smart charging for the forward-thinking car park owner, operator which with the EO Hub unlock smart-charging and access to the EO smartphone app, cloud platform and pay as you charging.