Home EV Charging

Home EV Charging

Stratford Energy Solutions are accredited by the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) to access the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant. This funding subsidises the cost of installing a residential electric vehicle charging station for owners/primary users of electric vehicles. The electric car charging point grant allows us to reclaim the money spent on installing your home charging points up to £350.

EO MiniPro 2

Smallest Smart charger available on the market. This British made unit offers simple sleek design. It is available in 7kW untethered or tethered versions. Manage and monitor energy usage via the EO Smart Home App.
Home load management & charging via Solar are available as optional extra.

Available from stock in Black.

Rolec HomeSmart

HomeSmart EV is compatible with all EVs and enables the EV driver to completely control and manage their charging point via their mobile phone, tablet or any other web enabled device. Available as a 3.6kW or 7.2kW tethered (5m) or untethered.


Our intelligent electric vehicle charger is the first of its kind. This smart device enables you to charge your electric car with surplus energy.

It has 3 charge modes, the cleverest being our ECO & ECO+ modes, which maximise the effectiveness of your microgeneration system. You can charge your car with surplus energy, enjoy a full graphic display and view listings of your savings from date of installation.

Zappi can also sense when economy/cheaper tariff’s are available ensuring you get the cheapest charge possible.

If you don’t yet have solar panels or a wind turbine, Zappi can work like any other EVSE, so if you do get a micro generation system installed you’re ready to go.

Available from 7kW to 22kW in tethered (6.5m) & untethered versions.

Easee Home

Easee Home is intelligent and adapts to all electric vehicles, power supplies and mains. No need to think about technical specifications, the Charging Robot will automatically detect what power the vehicle requires and manages to charge several cars with different needs at the same time. Available in 7-22kW.


Elvi is designed to meet the current and future needs of the electric vehicle driver. It can be deployed at home as work.

Amongst many new features, Elvi offers upgradable power output technology from 7kW to 22kW. Fully connected , interoperable ready and smart: Elvi is connected to a fresh and new cloud-based platform built by EV-Box.


Tesla Wall Connector

The Tesla Wall Connector is the dedicated charger for Tesla owners. Charges rates from 7kW – 22kW. We supply as standard a 7.5m lead.

Not OZEV accredited so not eligible for £350 HomeCharge Grant.


Manufactured in Britain, Andersen intelligent charge points use industrial-grade electronics to match the stunning design. They are dedicated to designing and making EV chargers that look good, work great, and enhance your EV experience now and in the future. Their EV chargers cleverly hide the integrated cable and plug. OZEV accredited & available 7-22kW.

Make your EV Home Charger Smart

The Ohme charging cable has a unique ‘brainbox’ attached which automatically finds the cheapest electricity from your energy company. Plug it in to your existing untethered home Charger and make it smart. So, if it’s cheaper to charge-up your EV in the middle of the night, Ohme sorts it out.

Ohme then calculates how much power you’ll need for your next journey so you end up with the exact right amount of power, at the cheapest price.

You control it from an app (even using voice recognition) and Ohme does the rest.

So, now you have a way to charge your EV that’s every bit as intelligent as your car.

Not got a charger yet? Then buy the Ohme Wall Charger.

The Ohme Wall Charger is the intelligent charger for every EV – it works with all electric vehicles.

Allows fast charging at 7kW.

Small and neat installation – fully connected to the Ohme app.

OZEV approved – qualifies for the government grant