First 8 days driving our Nissan Leaf Electric Car

We have had our Nissan Leaf for 8 days and covered 256 miles. The on-board computer tells us that we have covered 3.6miles for every kWh of electricity used to charge the batteries.

So how much has it cost to run?

  • Our electricity costs us 11p/kWh so as 71.11 kWh have been used to charge the batteries, the cost has been £7.82.
  • However, if we consider the Solar PV Panels we have on our roof have provided 50% of that energy then the cost is £3.91.
  • We do get paid via the Feed-in Tariff for generating the electricity so at today’s rate we would get paid £5.11.
  • Real cost means we are “in pocket” £1.20.

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