FREE Electricity & FREE Hot Water from Solar Panels

As part of a new Solar PV installation or as a retrofit to an exisitng system we can install a Smart Control that diverts unused electricity generated by your Solar Panels to your immersion heater to provide you with FREE Hot Water!!!!

  • Smart Water Heating – utilises surplus PV generated energy, without effecting your FiT payments.
  • Free electricity to use even when you’re out of the house – excess electricity not used by the house is directed to your immersion heater to heat your water.
  • Simple install to start saving – our system uses your existing immersion heater – no extras other than some cable!!!
  • Increase your ROI – we estimate a payback of 3-5 years using our control which will increase the return on investment on your initial PV investment
  • New or retrofitcan be included as part of a new installation or added as a retrofit to an existing Solar PV system