How many Solar Panels do I need?

Considering Solar Panels?? Wondering how many you need??

Speak to us before making a decision to find out out about the SunPower advantage. World Leading panels which have the following characteristics:

  • Highest efficiency of upto 21.5% module efficiency
  • Lowest degradation levels – documented less than 5% in first 5 years & then 0.4% per year thereafter – real world tests show as little as 0.1%!!! Conventional panels can degrade by 3% in the first few days!!!
  • Superior light capture due to AR glass and AR coating:  better low-light performance, better performance under low angle of incidence etc. (up to +5% more light)
  • Lower temperature losses (not only lower temperature coefficients, but also lower operating temperatures)
  • Market leading combined 25 year Product & Performance Warranty

The resulting advantage more power from less space – as few as 12 panels for 3.92kWp.

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