Key points from the FiT review:

Key points from the FiT review:

The new proposed changes will be subject to an eight week consultation period. If implemented, they would introduce a new tariff for schemes up to 4kWp of 21p and reduced rates for systems up to 250kW.

Under the proposals, the new tariffs would apply to all new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 12 December 2011. Such installations would receive the current tariff before moving to the lower tariff on 1 April 2012.  There will be no change for existing customers or systems installed and commissioned (switched on) on or before 11 December 2011.

New proposed FiT:

Under 4kW (retrofit or newbuild) – 21p (down from 43.3p)
4-10kWp – 16.8p (down from 37.8p)
10-50kW – 15.2 (down from 32.9p)
50-100kW – 12.9p (down from 19p)
100-250kW – 12.9p (down from 19/15p)

The Government will announce further proposals regarding energy efficient requirements after 1 April 2012 and multi installation tariff rate for aggregated solar pv schemes.

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