LG SolareEdge Home Energy Storage Innovation

Work has continued this week on Western Power Distribution’s LV Connect and Manage project an innovative trial installing energy storage systems in homes in Furzton, Milton Keynes working towards a smarter grid. As part of the project we are installing LG Chem home batteries using SolarEdge’s StorEdge interface. The Connect and Manage project is really important to WPD and its technology partners to allow it to learn more about future customer needs. The project allows WPD to demonstrate control and communication technologies that let you and your neighbours connect up solar panels and electric vehicles without delay. These technologies will be managed for short periods of the day (peak consumption for EV’s and off-peak export for PV’s) this gives WPD the valuable time it needs to plan network upgrades with minimal disruption to its customers.These home batteries are available to install in homes now. Please contact us for more information.