New Feed-in Tariff for Solar Announced

The DECC has announced changes to the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) for Solar PV that will offer more predictablility and stability to the Solar Industry.

The sub 4kW band which is common for domestic systems will reduce to 16p/kWh from the 1st August but at the same time the Export Tariff will increase from 3.1p/kWh to 4.5p/kWh.

New Tariff Levels from 1st August 2012

Generation tariffs for new solar PV installations from 1 August 2012 Band (kW) Standard generation tariff (p/kWh) Multi-installation tariff (p/kWh) Lower tariff (if energy efficiency requirement not met) (p/kWh)
•4kW (new build) 16.0 14.4 7.1
•4kW (retrofit) 16.0 14.4 7.1
>4-10kW 14.5 13.05 7.1
>10-50kW 13.5 12.15 7.1
>50-100kW 11.5 10.35 7.1
>100-150kW 11.5 10.35 7.1
>150-250kW 11.0 9.9 7.1
>250kW-5MW 7.1 N/A N/A
stand-alone 7.1 N/A N/A

Future reductions will be set to decrease on a 3 month basis thereafter, with pauses if the market slows down.

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