Nissan Leaf 4,000 mile update

We have been using the Nissan Leaf for a few months now and recently completed 4,000 miles.

So how has it been? Absolutely great!! We must admit we have adjusted our driving style, but driving is less stressful with less rushing about. Once you understand when to use ECO mode and not it drives like any other car.

Running costs; the vehicle has required 3.8kWh per mile over the 4,000 miles so based on electricity cost of 13p/kWh that is 1,052kWh of electricity = £136.84. However, some of that electricity has been provided by Solar PV panels (circa. 20%) so in reality this is probably more like a cost of £104. So 2.6p/mile!!!! Remember we also get paid to generate that FREE electricity at today’s FiT rate of 13.39p/kWh so real life cost is more like £75.83 = 1.9p/mile!!!!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing, we did have a mishap in the first week with a total wipeout in terms of charge. Very windy, cold & wet and range was reduced by about 20%. Nissan recovered the vehicle for FREE back to the nearest EV chargepoint which happened to be home. This won’t happen again.

Going forward we think the investment has been a wise one and Electric Cars so offer low cost, carbon reduced driving!!!