12kWp Ground Mount Solar & 40.5kWh Energy Storage, Worcestershire

12kWp Ground Mount Solar & 40.5kWh Energy Storage, Worcestershire

Bespoke Ground Mount 12kWp Solar system using the World's highest efficiency SunPower Maxeon 400w panels optimised by SolarEdge with 3 x Tesla Powerwalls

  • Project Type: Domestic Solar PV
  • Location: nr Droitwich, Wocrestershire
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 12,200kWh
  • Amount of storage: 40.5kWh

Our client purchased a Grade II listed cottage in Worcestershire with a plan to renovate and make more energy efficient so over the period of 2 years we worked closely with them discussing and analysing their potential energy usage.

It was decided that a 12kWp Solar system would be an ideal size array. With no option for mounting on a roof it was decided a ground mount array would be the best option, but owing to the listing of the property and the sensitive nature of the area as few panels on as low profile system as possible was required. We suggested our recommend SunPower Maxeon 400w panels which owing to their World leading high efficiency meant only 30 panels were required and these were mounted on a bespoke low profile single row ground mounting system from Sunfxings. The inverter system was optimised by SolarEdge providing added DC Safe and ARC protection along with whole system and panel level monitoring.

The client designed and constructed a bespoke outbuilding for the 3 Tesla Powerwalls which would provide 40.5kWh of Energy Storage withe the capability of a a 15kW charge/discharge rate to meet any high loads from the clients heat pumps.

Since commissioning in June 2021 97% of the Solar energy generated has either been used directly or stored and used later via the Powerwalls resulting in a 73% saving on electricity usage.