Solar with Tesla Powerwalls results in “A” Rated house

Solar with Tesla Powerwalls results in “A” Rated house

7.20kWp Solar with 2 x Tesla Powerwalls & myenergi Zappi & Eddi

  • Project Type: Domestic Solar PV
  • Location: Walsall, West Midlands
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 5,060kWh
  • Amount of storage: 27kWh


Our client originally made contact in May 2020 to discuss having a Tesla Powerwall installed as was keen to have back up power in the event of a powercut as he ran an IT company and worked from home. The Powerwall was installed in November 2020. Making use of off-peak tariffs at night he was also able to reduce his energy costs by customising the settings in the Powerwall & charging it at night to then discharge during the day when costs were higher.
The client was pleased with the system so began to investigate adding Solar to his house. After a number of proposals were discussed it was decided a 7.20kWp system using SunPower Maxeon 400w panels optimised over 3 roofs using SolarEdge inverter would suit his annual energy usage well and by adding a second Powerwall we could ensure as much of the energy would be self-consumed on site.
The client has also future proofed his installation by installing a myenergi Zappi EV Charger & included an Eddi immersion controller.

We had a number of discussions with the local network operator for this work to go ahead and a new supply was provided by Western Power Distribution as their cost to ensure we could install all the equipment to work harmoniously with the network.

The equipment was all installed In April and since then the client has only purchased 2% of his electricity needs.

A lot of hard work and discussion has been rewarded with an excellent project delivered to high standards by the Stratford Energy team and the client giving us a 5 start Google Review “Had a lot of work done from Stratford Energy Solutions Ltd over the past few months. I found their advice to be very good, helpful and knowledgeable. They delivered experienced guidance through some difficult decisions (fuelled by my research and appetite to get the best out of my investment) relating to Solar Panels, Battery Storage and EV Charging.” Click here to read the full review.

The work by our customer has not ended there with a new EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) being carried out giving the house an “A” rating.