Agri Park near Clifford Chambers

Agri Park near Clifford Chambers

Stratford Energy Solutions were contacted by Mr P Cook from Stratford Agri Park near Clifford Chambers in October 2011 to assess the feasibility of installing a 50kW system on the roof of 6 units on the site.

  • Project Type: Commercial Solar PV
  • Location:
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 42,301kWh per annum

Installed in 2012 this 50kWp system generates the electricity that is supplied to the tenants of the 6 industrial units.

The landlord’s Solar PV system generates Free, Green electricity which they are able to sell to the tenants.

Pre-installation work involved gaining permission from Western Power Distribution to install the system.

Estimated to generate 42,301kWh per annum the system has actually generated nearly 200,000kWh in 4 years; nearly 15% extra resulting in a payback of less than 5 years.