Chadshunt, Warwickshire

Chadshunt, Warwickshire

The site is within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and sits on the escarpment overlooking the flat plains of South Warwickshire.

The property is brand new build with high levels of insulation, so our design included Under-floor Heating throughout, Multi-room Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR), an Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Photovoltaic Panels as well as Rain Water Harvesting.

  • Project Type: Domestic Solar PV
  • Location:
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 3,642kWh per annum

We had a full room by room heat loss calculation carried out to ascertain the heat load which at 5.5kW we only needed to supply a small heat pump. Owing to the location of the property right on the edge of the escarpment Ground Source was not possible. We therefore designed a system using a Danfoss DHP-AQ 9kW Air Source Heat Pump which would provide all the space heating via Myson Under-Floor Heating & the Domestic Hot Water. The DHP-AQ features class leading seasonal performance, thanks to the unique control system that constantly monitors and optimises three key processes of the appliance and system: Airflow (efficient variable speed EC fan), Refrigerant circuit (electronic expansion valve) and Heat distribution (OPTI technology).

The unique design of the DHP-AQ enables it to perform efficiently at low outdoor temperatures keeping the dwelling comfortable whatever the weather. State-of-the-art defrost technology will ensure both energy efficiency and complete functionality of the heat pump throughout a sustained cold winter.

As the property was very well insulated and air tight there was a need for a MVHR system. We supplied and installed an Airflow DV80. The Duplexvent DV80 is a ventilation unit with state-of-the-art technology. Designed to provide both essential ventilation and to save you money through its intelligent, cost effective and eco-friendly heat recovery system.

On the flat “rubber” roof we installed a self-ballasted 3.92kWp Solar Photovoltaic system using SunPower E20 327w panels. The eco-mount rubber ballast system ensures no roof penetration and uses 100% recyclable. The SunPower panels have world leading efficiency, degradation levels and are guaranteed for 25 years. This was connected to an SMA inverter.

The completed project commands great views over the Warwickshire Countryside being at one with the environment outside as this property has very little impact owing to the sustainability whilst at the same time providing the client with a very pleasant environment inside.