Ettington Community Centre

Ettington Community Centre

In 2013 we were approached by Ettington Community Centre (ECC) to discuss Solar Panels.

  • Project Type: Commercial Solar PV
  • Location: Ettington
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 24,755 kWh per annum.

The remit was to provide a system that could generate electricity to provide energy to power the ground source heat pump that heated the building as well as energy during the day for the numerous events that were held there.

The main problem was ECC did not have the funds to pay for the supply or installation. We considered a number of options including finance, shareholders but eventually found a private investor who was prepared to fund the costs and provide ECC with the free electricity. The investor would generate his income from the Feed-in Tariff & Fixed Export Income the 30kWp system would provide.

As maximum generation was required we chose to use 78 x SunPower World leading high efficiency E20 327w panels with two SMA TriPower inverters.