Integrated Solar with Energy Storage

Integrated Solar with Energy Storage

Having installed a large commercial project For Mr L. he now wished to consider Solar for his home.

Living in a very traditional South Warwickshire Village with many of the homes built with Cotswold Stone, aesthetics were crucial to the design of a Solar system.

  • Project Type: Domestic Solar PV
  • Location: South Warwickshire
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 3,332kW/h per year per annum.

Working with his roofer, we installed an integrated system using SunPower X21 335w “all black” panels optimised with a SolarEdge inverter system.

The SolarEdge product comes with a user-friendly monitoring portal and soon Mr L. realised that Energy Storage was required to benefit fully from the generated Solar energy.

We recommended the Tesla Powerwall owing to its sleek looks, ability to be mounted in a car port as the battery is thermally managed and this was installed some 12 months later, followed another 12 months afterwards by a second Powerwall.

So far during 2020 all the Solar has been used on site resulting in a 43% cut in the clients electricity bill, but a further 30% of which is now purchased at off-peak rates.