Market Leading Solar Panels

Market Leading Solar Panels

Mr & Mrs C. recently relocated from London purchasing a brand-new build home that had an Air Source Heat Pump. At the same time, they had recently purchased a new electric car. This then led them to investigate Solar.

A 9kWp Solar system using high efficiency SunPower Maxeon 3 375w “all black” Solar Panels were installed on both the front & rear aspects of their home. These panels were recommended owing to their sleek looks and also their high output which was further enhanced by using an optimised inverter system from SolarEdge.

Solar is best installed with Energy Storage so we have also installed a Tesla Powerwall home battery and a myenergi Eddi immersion control.

Owing to the electric heating system they will still have a need to buy electricity in the winter as the heat pump will use more electricity than the Solar will produce, so they have also switched their energy tariff to the Tesla Energy Plan (TEP) which fixes their electricity import rate at the market’s lowest price of 8p/kWh with no standing charges. The TEP also offers an export rate at 8p/kWh and you will become part of the Tesla Virtual Power Plant.

  • Project Type: Domestic Solar PV
  • Location: nr Evesham, Warwickshire
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 7,300kWh per annum