Western Power Distribution

Western Power Distribution

Working for Western Power Distribution we installed LG Chem 7kW home batteries as part of their Connect and Manage project in 30 homes in the Furzton area of Milton Keynes.

  • Project Type: Innovation
  • Location: Milton Keynes

Western Power Distribution are running the LV Connect and Manage programme to research and develop ways to optimise the capacity of the electricity network for the long term. This programme has no targets or aims to sell services or products.

Western Power Distribution recognises the issue of ‘clustering’ of low carbon technologies which stress the network. By carrying out projects such as this, they can learn ways to spread the load.

Half of the homes had Solar and charged the batteries from surplus Solar generated energy, the other half used time of use charging to take advantage of off peak tariffs buying electricity when it was lower in price to power their homes at peak times.

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