Yew Tree Farm shop, Wootton Wawen

Yew Tree Farm shop, Wootton Wawen

Having installed a 24kWp Solar PV system for one family member in 2012 we were asked to consider Solar PV at Yew Tree Farm shop in Wootton Wawen.

  • Project Type: Commercial Solar PV
  • Location: Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 37,725 kWh per annum.

The project called for a 50kWp system. The main problem was using mainstream Solar Panels only 40kWp was possible.

However, by using SunPower’s World leading efficiency E20 327w panels we only required 152 to achieve a peak output of 49.70kWp.

We coupled this with two of the latest generation SMA STP25000TL inverters and the system is estimated to generate 43,000kWh per annum. The system has full monitoring via SMA’s WebConnect which requires no extra hardware, just an Internet connection. This enables the client, as well as ourselves, to receive a daily report as well as notifications of any potential problems ensuring maximum return on the investment.