Public Electric Vehicle Charging in Coventry Car Park

We have recently installed 18 x Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points at the new Salt Lane Car Park in Coventry.

Located in the City Centre, Salt Lane car park is spread across six floors and now offers a number of dedicated spaces for electric vehicles. Th industry-leading charging infrastructure offers drivers an easy park and charge solution in Central Coventry.

Upon arrival at the car park, electric vehicles drivers can charge their vehicle in two ways:

  • Once plugged-in to a select number of chargers, drivers can initiative the charge using a contactless payment card at the adjacent kiosk EO Pay. Drivers pay for a fixed cost charging session based on time, which can be topped up if planning to stay longer than the average trip into the city!

  • Drivers can also power their vehicle using one of our EO Genius chargers – payment is done on a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ basis through the EO App (free to download on all smartphones). The app allows the drivers to start or stop their charge and carefully monitor the amount they’ve spent.

Behind the scenes, Coventry City Council will manage the charging infrastructure using the EO Cloud – EO’s industry-leading management platform.

This installation at Salt Lane car park is the start of many that we hope to install with EO Charging as part of Plug in Coventry initiative.