Reminder of Solar Feed-in Tariffs from 1st April 2012

New FITs tariffs for solar installations up to 250kW for those with an eligibility date on or after 1st April 2012 as follows:

≤4kW(new build) 21.0p
≤4kW (retrofit) 21.0p
>4-10kW 37.8 16.8p
>10-50kW 15.2p
>50-100kW 12.9p
>100-150kW 12.9p
>150-250kW 12.9p
>250kW-5MW 8.9p
Stand alone 8.9p

Minimum energy efficiency requirement for properties installing solar panels to obtain the highest level of FIT payment – the DECC has also put in place a minimum energy efficiency requirement for anyone wanting to install solar panels on their building and claim the full FIT rate. From 1 April properties will be required to produce an Energy Performance Certificate rating of ‘D’ or above to qualify for the full FIT rates,

New solar PV multi installation tariff rate – 80% of the standard tariffs will also be introduced from 1 April for solar PV installations where a single or individual organisation is already receiving FITs for 25 or more other solar PV installations.

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