Smart Energy & Electric Vehicle Charging

It’s been a busy & exciting few weeks in the media starting with government news on Smart Energy. Key to this is that household batteries will be part of UK’s new energy strategy. Stratford Energy Solutions has been installing home energy storage for nearly 2 years & currently recommend the Tesla Powerwall 2.The other big news was the announcement that New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK.

This created lots of heated discussion on social media, TV & Radio and even down the local pub on the effect of this policy.

One of the main topics was can the grid handle the imminent growth in electric vehicle uptake? The answer is yes, 100% electric vehicles can easily be accommodated by the grid. This will be achieved with a mixture of off-peak charging (the government are already rolling out smart meters), increase in generation with renewables & energy storage and new digital technology whereby the rate of EV charging at any moment across the country will be automatically adjusted to help match overall supply and demand. The latter is currently being trialled as part of the world’s largest electric vehicle charging project, Electric Nation, which Stratford Energy Solutions is one of the installation companies.

Other questions being asked included what difference will swapping to all electric make and where will I charge? The WWF wrote a great blog which answered all those queries click here to read it

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