Solar Panel Bidford on Avon Customer Testimonial

We have received the following feedback from a customer who we installed a 3.76kWp Schueco Solar PV system for in 2013.
Your forecast for our system was 3,001 kWh with a potential saving 0f 50% on our electricity usage.
In the past year the system performed well above forecast and we actually generated 3,741kWh and got paid £661.78 against the planned £530.88.
Our previous annual usage was consistently around 4,016kW and this past year this figure reduced to 1,796 kW. The financial saving of £274.05 appears higher because it reflects an increase in the unit price, but the reason for this e-mail is to let you know we are delighted with the first year’s results and will continue to sing the praises of your Company.”

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