Solar Panels – Feed-in Tariff 2016

The Government has now announced its decision following its review of the Feed-In Tariff (FiT) scheme. You can find the full consultation response here.

From 8 February 2016 the Solar PV FiT rate will drop to 4.39p/kWh for the sub-10kWp band. By this time the Government estimates that the Regulations will have been adopted in Parliament. Even though this represents a reduction over and above the current tariff it is a considerable improvement on some of the proposals mooted in the Government’s consultation document.

You should be aware, however, that there will be degression linked to deployment and there is to be a ‘pause’ in the scheme from 15 January 2016 to 8 February 2016. This means that consumers will not be entitled to the current Solar PV FiT rate of 12.03p/kWh for installations registered with electricity suppliers after 14 January 2016.

In addition, from 8 February 2016, the required EPC level D will have to be met before the installation takes place and the Solar PV panels will not be able to contribute to this rating.

Installations from 1st January to 14th January get a 3.5% FIT reduction

0-4kW – 12.03p

4-10kW – 10.90p

10-50kW – 10.90p

50-150kW – 9.29p

150-250kW – 8.89p

8th February 2016 onwards:

0-10kW – 4.39p

10-50kW – 4.59p

50-250kW – 2.7p

250-1000kW – 2.27p