Solar Panels – Returns stronger than a year ago!!!!

Solar panels – are they still a good investment?

The Solar industry has had a rocky ride over the last few months with negative media coverage and a very confusing court case.

However, Solar panels are still a great investment providing green electricity directly into your home protecting you from ever increasing energy prices.

In May 2011 we quoted a 3.43kW system for a customer in Stratford-upon-Avon. For whatever reason the project did not go ahead, but only last week we were asked to re-look at the project.

Last year the Feed-in Tariff was 43.3p and the installation cost £11,965 with an estimated income of £1,506 giving a return on investment of 12.58%.

A year later – same roof, on the same house installing a 3.43kW system. Feed-in Tariff is now 21p but owing to reductions in panel prices the installation cost is £6,895 with an estimated income of £878 giving a return on investment of 12.73%.

In conclusion: Yes they are a good investment and returns are as good, if not better, than a year ago. The only difference is the Feed-in Tariff has dropped, the technology is now cheaper to install and probably you are paying more for your electricity!!!

However, you need to act quickly as the Feed-in Tariff is going to drop again in July. So do not delay and call us today for your free consultation and you could be generating your own free electricity.

Still unsure?? Come and see our system working on our roof – please call first.