SunPower launches 40yr Warranty for its Maxeon Solar Panels

SunPower Maxeon is making history this week by launching the solar industry’s longest and most comprehensive combined #40yearwarranty, leading the way in product quality, power performance and sustainability.

This new 40yr Warranty covers Product, Performance & Service guaranteeing this is really #solarforlife.

“The new SunPower Maxeon 40 Year Warranty is based on external field studies from more than 33 million Maxeon panels deployed worldwide, comprehensive accelerated life testing by Maxeon and third parties, and a physics-based model which Maxeon uses to determine the expected performance impact over time from major degradation and failure modes,” the manufacturer stated. “Collectively, these give Maxeon and our customers confidence that the SunPower Maxeon module technology can support a 40-year warranted life, and that continued operation beyond this period is certainly feasible.”

Maxeon modules come with a minimum warranted output of 98% during their first year of operation, followed by a maximum annual degradation of 0.25% for the next 39 years. “The result is an unprecedented 88.3% warranted power level at the end of 40 years, meaning Maxeon panels deliver up to 9.5% more power after 40 years than standard solar panels deliver after 25 years.”

We stock the Maxeon 3 400w & 430w modules as well as the “all black” 375w modules and all now include this 40yr warranty.

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