SunPower Solar PV outperforms predictions, Farthinghoe, Northamptonshire

We have received the following feedback from a customer on the anniversary of his SunPower​ Solar Panel with SolarEdge​ panel optimisation installation.

“It has Generated 3,633kWh which has returned £625.60 – this is nearly 15% up on the estimated 3,108kWh

My electric bill has reduced by £177

My oil usage has gone down as I fitted a device which switches on the immersion heater when there is excess electric, this one is pretty hard to quantify but I would normally use about 300 litres over the summer months at the price I paid for it when I last filled up  53ppl  comes to £159

This gives me a Total saving over the last year of £961.60 which if I look at the return on the installation £7,700  (including removing the chimney) gives me 12.48% and a payoff time of 8 years, it will probably be better this year as I did not fit the device for the immersion heater until May,

I am extremely pleased with the results.”