SunPower X21 Solar Panels Conservation Area, Leamington Spa Warwickshire

With limited roof area our client wished to install Solar panels on the rear of his house in Leamington Spa. The property was in the conservation area so this meant we had to only use the roof s facing to the rear.

The client had already had a bad experience after paying a deposit to an installer who had no advance payment protection insurance and subsequently went into receivership. He was therefore keen to use a local company.

With space only for 11 panels we chose world leading SunPower X21 345w panels with efficiency of over 21%. The 3.8kWp system also had the potential for some early morning shading from a chimney so we chose SolarEdge panel optimisers & inverter which ensure indepedant energy production & panel monitoring.

We finished the one day install off by retrofitting high performance LED downlights throughout the kitchen & ground floor area. This would help reduce energy demand for lighting in this area by 90% to allow the energy generated by the solar panels to be used effectively used for other demands such as appliances, home office, etc.