Tesla PowerWall 2 installations begin Warwickshire, Midlands

So June has been a very busy & exciting month with the arrival of the Tesla PowerWall 2. Stock began to arrive in the first week and we have now installed a number of home energy storage systems.

Clients who have had the units have reported days when they are now not buying electricity. Their Solar PV systems generate during the day powering their houses with any surplus electricity being stored on their Tesla battery. Then when the Solar PV energy begins to reduce their battery takes over allowing their homes to be powered by sunshine 24 hours a day.

Here are some key points which make it the leading battery:

  • Only Manufacturer to have an active cooling system. This will ensure your battery is operating at its peak performance whilst extending the life.
  • Floor and Wall Mounted
  • Flexible installation location Indoor or Outdoor
  • 5KW continuous Charge and Discharge ability from its own built in Battery inverter.
  • AC Coupled so capable of retrofit to any home with a PV installation.
  • Large 13.5kWh capacity to take advantage of Grid charging in the future without affecting the FIT payments. Maximum use of solar consumption in summer and capacity to buy from Time of use tariffs in the winter.
  • Scalable, Up to 10 Powerwall’s can be connected to a single Gateway giving a huge 135KWh of storage and 50KW of power from a relatively small space
  • Simple, Market Leading Warranty leaving you with 80% of its original output after 10 Years
  • Future Proof product, Always Connected giving you free over the air updates such as Time Of Use charge and discharge
  • Tesla Experience is unparalleled

 If you wish to add energy storage to your Solar PV system then please call 01789 262411. We currently have stock available due in later this month.