Tesla Powerwalls in stock with large supplies

The market leading Tesla Powerwall storage system is in stock and Tesla have large supply available owing to the opening of a new production line. If you have Solar then this is the energy storage system to add to it or to accompany your new installation.

There are many points to consider when looking at batteries. We have detailed the points we feel make the Tesla Powerwall the market leader:

  • 13.5kWh of usable storage & scalable upto 135kWh
  • Up to 50kW charge/dis-charge rate 
  • Battery is thermally managed
  • Integral inverter
  • Back-up functionality
  • Able to charge from the grid to make the best of time of use tariffs
  • Can be mounted internally or externally, wall or floor mounted
  • Unlimited cycle 10 year warranty

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